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If you have any questions about our menu, please just ask as we are happy to answer them :)

We value, follow and serve to any child’s allergies, special diets, religious and cultural beliefs, vegan and vegetarian diets. We know how special your family and child is and we will do everything we can to accommodate and support your needs. Our students are family here!

We do not serve food with dyes, meat, high sugar content over 8 grams (but sometimes we do have ice cream cones), bleached or enriched wheat flours, RBST, high sodium recipes or ingredients, processed foods, high saturated fat recipes, aspartame, or chemicals. Everything we make is homemade and straight from the heart.

We do however, serve organic and fresh herbs, grains, seeds, wheat breads, garlic, vegetables and fruits (never from a can) and fresh herbs and vegetables from our garden in the summer. we tend to serve vegetables and fruits that are seasonally available to help and support new taste palates!

Children deserve all the best nutrients and recipes to help them on their journey of growth!

Milk is always fresh and available for your child to drink at breakfast and lunch every day. We serve 1% RSBT and hormone free milk. If your child has a milk allergy we serve almond milk.