This helpful and friendly page is dedicated to helping others find paths in life that will help guide them to happiness! Blossoming Minds Preschool has researched and approved each resource listed as safe, considerate and helpful towards each topic you may need answers for in your current life. We are always here to help our families and open to helping you find answers and resources with our true honest professional opinions. We are not only dedicated towards helping your little ones, but being of the most support possible to your family and your personal journeys with our hearts, personal research, networking, and any knowledge we have to offer.

Fun programs and activities for families and young children to enjoy:

  • Beaverton City Library is a beautiful way to inspire children to read early, join families together in reading and promote a life long love and fascination in the world of books and stories! Check out what they have to offer! From summer reading programs, to after school programs, story times, art classes, ebooks, games, reading to therapy cats, home work help, events and classes and so much more! Click HERE to check them out! Download their events page to see free local events, classes and programs being offered!

  • Wonderopolis is a website full of questions and answers! A fun way to research at home with your child and inspire reading, question asking, and wonder! Click Here to wonder!

  • PDX Parent is a wonderful website full of helpful information and tools to find extracurricular activities for your child. From after school programs, to summer camps, to day time activities meeting new friends or bringing the whole family! Find a new adventure with PDX Parent! There are free, low cost and sliding scale programs available and bilingual. Click Here to check them out!

  • Powell’s bookstore is the largest independent book store in the world! That’s right, located in the heart of Portland Oregon. You can find affordable books, and exchange your book collection at home for store credit and purchase new and gently used books for a very affordable price. This is great for students, families and really anyone at all! Click here to check them out!

  • Oregon Farmers Market finder will help you locate a farmers market anywhere in Oregon that offers a variety of fresh, organic, locally grown and sustained produce, food, flowers, plants, spices, honey and treats and sometimes have life music. a fun way to develop and encourage vocabulary, social interaction, bonding, and educate children about healthy and seasonally fresh eating. Click here to find yours today.

  • Tualatin valley has local activities and places for the entire family to visit. From local pumpkin patches, to farms, nature trails in the area, dog parks, restaurants, and cultural arts. Find a local adventure with your family. Click here to check out it out!

  • Tualatin hills parks and recreation district offers activities and programs for people of all ages. sports, physical activities, trails, swimming, tennis, local parks, parties and events, summer and after school programs, and so much more! They offer free and sliding scale rates for families. Check them out by clicking here.

  • Travel Oregon has nothing but brilliant ideas and a vast collection of adventures and places to see in oregon. oregon is breathtaking, magical, a little mysterious and we have so much to teach our little ones about this beautiful state! the history, geology, nature, and outdoor adventures. being a role model in nature and teaching your child to leave no trace, bigfoot camping stories and smores, and don’t forget to find the 7 wonders of oregon! from people who have lived in oregon their whole life to the newly flown in california birds, everyone will find a map to a treasure adventure! Get going on your adventure, by clicking here!

  • teacher justin offers Music lessons for you or your child or both! To get on his schedule, grab his card at the front door or check out his website by clicking here!

Services for children’s cognitive development:

  • Northwest Regional Education Service District is a truly amazing resource with a variety of services to offer. From GED services, early learning interventions, early learning testing and therapy, grants and financial resources for early learning intervention service that can be of low to no cost to your family, IEP, NW promise, special education, speech delays, online education, truancy enforcement, Education Service Districts assist school districts and the State of Oregon achieving Oregon's education goals by providing excellent and equitable educational opportunities for all Oregon public school students. They also offer Spanish translation services. Click HERE to check our their website and explore your options with Northwest Regional Education Service District. They also offer bilingual services like Spanish.

Washington County
Fax: 503-614-1440
5825 NE Ray Circle
Hillsboro OR 97124-6436

  • Oregon Inclusive Partners Inclusion means that everyone is able to take part in the same activities, enjoy the same experiences, and have the same access to opportunity within their communities, regardless of ability. As we grow into adulthood, our actions toward others are shaped by our early experiences. Having positive experiences in inclusive settings enable us to view each other with appreciation of our differences, similarities and uniqueness. This door opening resource is for child care providers, families, students, and community partners to use to provide opportunities to include a child with special needs. They can also provide information on the ADA Americans with disabilities act and offer bilingual services like Spanish. Inclusive partners

  • child mind institute offers advice, stories, studies and articles for helping to manage your child’s behavior and redirect negative into positive. there is an a-z list of of topics to read and learn about. early childhood education is a serious matter, troubling time is often a signal that a new learning opportunity for your child has opened up and you can guide them into positive behavior and decision making. parents and children can learn how to respect each other’s feelings by learning why these types of behaviors, tantrums, and stressful moments can occur and how we can prevent them and regulate emotions. click here to check them out.

  • family nurture provides resources for your child if they have been abused in any way. there are week long programs, or daily programs that are free or low cost to help your family if abuse, or trauma has occurred. Click here to check them out.

  • Birth Injury Justice Center There are more special education opportunities than ever for children who have been diagnosed with a birth injury. There are a number of schools, resources and organizations that are tailored towards children with disabilities. Scholarships, health impairment plans, individualized education plans and homeschooling are all options for parents looking into special education resources. Click here to be directed to a website that can help your family today.

resources for family needs and quality of life that are free or low cost:

  • Oregon humane society is a loving and dedicated animal rescue haven where you can adopt a new family pet that will bring loving and lasting memories to your child’s heart. You can check them out by clicking here. there are resources for veterinary care as well as reporting animal abuse. having a pet is a big responsibility, and it can also help teach children accountability. reading to pets is fun for children too! please be kind to only adopt an animal if you can give them a responsible and quality life. There is a sliding scale for adoptions and a low cost or free vaccination and spay/neuter coupon available if you click here

  • Family Farms is a great resource for providing your family fresh produce straight from the source. Support your local farmers and buy direct and take your children and family to visit the farm where you can pick up your weekly, bi monthly or monthly subscription boxes! gain connections and learn about agriculture, how to grow your own food, and the dedication farming takes to produce healthy food with nutrients we need to thrive. cutting out the middleman and buying direct from the source is lower cost and lower emissions!

  • The peoples yoga provides the highest quality of yoga instruction and ensures that it is accessible to all, regardless of economic barriers. with highly experienced teachers. It is their skill, their passion for their students and their personal appreciation for the gifts of yoga that create the unique environment that is the foundation of their community. They offer yoga, meditation, chanting and a way to express yourself and connect with your inner self and appreciate your uniqueness. Yoga is a great way to relax with the whole family! Click here to check them out!

  • Translation PDX offers low cost translation service for all cultures, languages and they are real people who live here in Portland from different countries around the world.
    Translations pdx offers complete language services for business, marketing, and legal in Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese French, and Portuguese and many more languages, they also have resources to connect you with other language translation services. They can help you translate your project, carrying the meaning and the tone of the original text, while remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the target audience. Additionally Translations pdx offers certified translations of civil documents as well school, financial, and legal documents  at an affordable price. click here to check them out!

  • portland therapy center offers counseling and individual, child, trauma, addiction, grief, or marriage therapy for no more than 50 dollars and under (some therapists are 20 dollars a session). getting the tools and help you need to heal is vital to living a full and healthy life. you deserve to feel free and live life without suffering alone. there is help out there if you reach for it. sometimes when we feel vulnerable in life, it feels freeing to release and move onto the next levels of your life by getting the right help by an amazing therapist who can help you to change your life.

  • scrap you can find affordable art supplies and random materials, odds and ends and awesome everything! Perfect for loose parts at home for the whole family! teacher charisse loves to help! ask her how to set up a loose parts at home for you and your child to do, it could be a lot of fun! This is a wonderful way to recreate, reuse, reduce and recycle materials instead of throwing them in a land fill. click here to check them out and get to creating!

  • oregon food bank helps provide food, basic necessities and toiletries to those in need. You can also help get involved or donate. check their database to find a food bank or hot meals and showers. They also offer a christmas gift program and thanksgiving meals to eat or cook at home if your family is having financial uncertainty during the holidays. click here for oregon food bank’s website.

  • christmas family adoption adopt a family or nominate a family for Christmas so they can receive the Christmas of their dreams! gifts that fill their children and their hearts up for a lifetime. this is a gift that is given to people in need and if you are in need, now is your time to seek help. we all get by with a little help from our friends! click here to find out how you can take part.

  • Low income relief is a handy website that gives articles and information regarding clothing, housing, and nourishment opportunities for low or no cost. they have articles regarding disability benefits, how to get prepared for a job and other articles that can help during a financially stressful time. click here to check it out.

  • need help paying my bills offers an array of helpful services to get you back on your feet again. there is even help for your bills and utility needs. this is a link for clothing for children, men, women, and anyone needing a nice outfit for a job interview. many offer laundry washing services for free as well. click here to check it out.

  • 211 info is a wonderful tool that is equipped with information and resources prepared to help your family in crisis. they offer free and low cost housing, shelter, health and medical resources and food to eat. check them out by clicking here.

  • garage sale warehouse finding a diy project or a treasure in here is easy. find gently used items and awesome vintage items for you and your child here. there are clothes, toys, books, furniture, art, collectibles, food and sometimes live music.

Websites that can explain the benefits of smaller preschools vs large centers and how to report child abuse or neglect:

Before deciding on any preschool to send your child, it is your right as a parent to ensure your child is going to a safe and reliable program that has opportunities, love, creativity, and professionalism. Early childhood education and preschool will help your child grow trusting relationships with adults, peers and provide lasting impressions for their social, emotional, developmental, and cognitive growth. These impressions are important as the brain increases in size by four-fold during the preschool period, reaching approximately 90% of adult volume by age 6. Your child deserves structured and individualized care and resources to provide the best preschool experience possible. Your child does not deserve stress (too much or too little of a routine) inconsistencies, lack of care, time outs to shut down emotions, anger, television instead of real life experiences, emotional and mental abuse, violence from other children often, lack of supportive environment, lack of stimulating vocabulary and learning opportunities or caregivers or safety violations. Always ask questions at interviews for child care. How many children do you take in at one time and how many staff are always on site? This link will let you search any preschool or child care center in Oregon to check if there have been any serious violations. Click HERE to check the database. Some care centers or homes that have violations may not always reflect the love and dedication that staff and operators have but could have been a simple unpredictable accident. Some could have been avoided. You can also make a report, if you see something ALWAYS say something, it could save a child’s life or from being seriously injured. Click HERE to make a complaint or report. Statistics that are taken from Oregon Education Licensing program clearly states child care centers have more injuries to children, Educator to child ratios are kept to a minimum while converted in home programs are smaller ratios, educators to child ratios are 1:6, less stress, cleaner and less children bringing in viruses/infestations, and comfortable home like environment to ease children’s brains during this educational time and more individualized care. Home based programs or smaller programs abide and follow license protocols and you should look to find a professional that has a background, experience and an education in child development and preschool education. That way your child is receiving not guessed education or curriculum, but educated knowledge and guidance.