2019 Monthly Tuition  

We are open Monday-Friday and operate from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM.

Our Preschool is a 5 day per week program for students age 3, 4 and 5 only. Making your child’s preschool experience maximized with dedication, attention, development, wonder and less stress for your child.

*due to renovations and updates of the school, we will be holding tours in July for placement for our new upcoming students as our kindergartners and first graders fly from the nest in September! set your tour up today to find out all the magical benefits we have to offer!*

We do not have placement for ages younger under any circumstance. 

We do not offer half days or partial week placements. We are a five day a week program, Monday through Friday. tuition is paid on a flat rate system and invoiced to you each month.


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A custom ordered shirt with your child's name and parent information needs to be purchased through the school upon first day of attendance. They are bright orange with blossoms, dinosaurs and a peace sign and help keep our group together on trips or emergencies. Shirts cost 20.00 dollars.


We serve breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks. These meals and snacks are included at no additional cost in tuition. You can check out our menu and food standards under CAFE on the navigation bar.

Our tuition & payment policies:

We do not offer one or two day per week positions, they are not available under any circumstance.

We do not offer half payment for partial times of your chosen days, they are not available under any circumstance.

Please always be respectful to small businesses, our staff, and cost of supplies as we provide our absolute best care each day.

Payment is accepted through our system by a monthly kidkare invoice email.


Valid EIN and tax invoices are available.

Parents can pay twice a month or all at once on the 5th.

Contact us today at 503-410-6773 for further information and tour times.

Email questions or schedule an interview: