Charisse Gostevskyh


Teacher, Director & Founder

I followed my passion and it lead me to all the right places. Educating the hearts of many children.

I'm an Oregonian lady who loves all the beauty & outdoor activities Oregon has to offer. My childhood hero was my Father who instilled a great wonder and ripple effect in my heart for the natural beauty that surrounds every day life, nature. My other passions are cooking, art, crafting, gardening, baking and spending time with my husband and family.

I went to college for my LPN, as I wanted to work in pediatrics. While attending college I was a head preschool teacher, and a nanny. I decided after working in child care for ten years and graduating college I wanted to open my own preschool. Being able to find a more hands on creative outlet in relationships, art, and wonder in Preschool, I swiftly changed my career. I not only wanted to provide a preschool for children, but for families to enjoy side by side during these tender years of their child’s growth and development. I wanted to provide an atmosphere that feels connected and help parents understand how children learn and develop and how to foster healthy emotional intelligence. I shifted my life towards this decision and started attending classes for my CDA. One step at a time on my early child development educational journey has carried me further and further into the realm of providing rich educational experiences to children and families. My visions, dreams, ideas and love are all used in creating Blossoming Minds Preschool. With the help of my husband and our creative teamwork, we made a safe, interactive and magical little preschool for families to enjoy and flourish within. With my glass never too full, I currently attend classes for child development, education and psychology. I often network with other early childhood educators for ideas as well as sharing my own. Obtaining a master’s degree in early childhood education and being able to write about my experiences is where my heart and mind are headed. Right now, every day, my focus and attention are on my students and how to help them discover how to be the best version of their inner and outer unique person. We are always bringing and implementing new, fresh and engaging ideas to the table. Finding, making and observing art in everyone and everything around me is my motto. Beauty is everywhere. Wonder and fascination are to be found in the ordinary and turned into the extraordinary. I have over 12 years of experience working with children aged 9 months to 8 years. My program and focus are for the age group 3, 4, 5 and 6. Our program is certified state licensed, insured and spark/qris quality inspected.


Andronic Gostevskyh


Teacher, Administrator & Co-Founder

I grew up in Woodburn, Oregon on a farm with my wonderful 7 siblings. My mom had her own seamstress business and my dad built houses. I grew up working hard, and remembering the details. In the Russian community where I'm from, everyone knows each other. This is a love I have always carried in my heart; community.

I went to college and graduated with my Bachelors in Business from WesterN Oregon University. Besides numbers and working with children, my passions are real estate, business, woodworking, building, and creative projects.

I met my wife while she was a head preschool teacher. My wife’s unconditional love for children was so inspiring and nurturing. We decided to open our preschool because of our similar mind sets of raising a beautiful next generation. We are both very silly, creative, and love to share love with everyone and nurture positive relationships. Me being the second oldest in a 8 sibling family, I decided this was a decision my heart wanted to naturally follow. We created Blossoming Minds Preschool to keep kids safe, loved and valued every day. We value and respect each child as our own, and as an individual. I value cultures and enjoy speaking Russian with our students, while inviting them to bring their cultures to the classroom to share. I also love to create fun science projects with the children! I believe every child is an equal and deserves the best experiences possible. I continue to seek ongoing support and attend classes for child development, divergent teaching and psychology.

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Justin Eubanks

Music & Rhythm Teacher

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Mister Justin is a shaker and a mover, with a soulful, gentle, and creative spirit. He is our music teacher and has been performing and teaching music for most of his life. He grew up in Colorado but spent a large part of his childhood living abroad, and grew to love different folk and string music from around the world. He spent several years teaching kindergarten at a French Immersion school in Portland before returning to pursue music teaching and performing full time in 2016.  Mister Justin has a natural ability to help children express themselves through the sounds and rhythm of different musical styles and instruments. The children love to interact with him as he shares his incredibly beautiful talents and encourages the children with music, movement and rhythm development. Click here to check out his website!


Elia Samms

Assistant Teacher


Teacher Elia has a true passion for teaching. She loves to lesson plan, play and grow with the children, and helps emotion coach naturally. her passion for teaching was driven at an early age when she started to teach her younger brother the alphabet and found a true love for guiding others towards a quality life they will be able to fill with wonder. Elia is a fluent spanish speaker and loves to share this language with the children in lessons and singing! She grew up in University Place, Washington and later moved to Oregon and attended linfield college. Her passions are being in nature, camping, wildcrafting, plants and animals and respecting our natural world around us. Elia is currently attending college to become a head teacher and attends college for child development. Elia spends a lot of time studying communication styles and loves to help build people and children from all walks of life up! Her passion is truly to help others express themselves in healthy ways, she is a wonderful teacher with a beautiful heart!