Do you seek change? Do you wish to see something new or different at Blossoming Minds Pre-K? Do you wish to add something or suggest an idea we can try out? Do you have concerns, needs, wants or anything else you wish to communicate to us? Or maybe you feel the desire to tell us how awesome we have been doing! If you feel the desire to express anything at all, please feel free to use this space to write us a message. We are dedicated to quality and the improvement of our program. The comfort, satisfaction, safety, honesty, and respect we have from our students and their families is the number one most important thing to us at Blossoming Minds Preschool. We want your child’s Preschool experience to feel successful and supportive. We are open to change and open to implementing new ideas that serve and fit your needs best. Please write a comment, it is anonymous and we will not be able to see who wrote it unless you state your name in the notes. Name is not required.

Thank You,

Staff of Blossoming Minds Preschool