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Bonneville Fish Hatchery & Dam!

Join us as we load into our shuttle and take a trip out to the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge!

We will be passing through the historic Columbia river highway to see many waterfalls!

Our first stop will be at the Bonneville fish hatchery, we are learning about salmon, life cycles and our beautiful forests in the month of June so this experience is special! We will watch salmon jump upstream, and see the various cycles of growth from fry to smelt. We will see Herman the sturgeon and he is huge! He is also the closest living prehistoric creature on earth! We also get a chance to feed the fish as we learn how magical these creatures are. It helps nurture empathy and compassion for our wondrous Oregon beauty. We have been studying how Salmon start in a little mountain stream and run on natures timing, with the help of snow melt, salmon leave their small streams and go into the river system to make their way into the ocean for up to 8 years only to return back to their little home stream to have a family of their own.

We will have a picnic in the park out front of the fish hatchery and then drive next door for our final stop.

During our picnic we will pull our sketch pads out and sketch our favorite fish of the day, or whatever has interested that child’s heart.

Next stop is the Bonneville dam and a guided tour by the army corps of engineers who will show us how strong water pressure and currents are and how hydroelectric is conducted!

Parents are welcome to join us! Details are on our lovely Bloomz app, parents can connect & carpool together!

Earlier Event: March 25
School Closure: Spring Break
Later Event: July 2
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